Rebuilt Engines with belts in motion
Rebuilt Engine with belts in motion
Rebuilt Engines with White Tubes
Rebuilt Engine white tubes
Rebuilt Engines with many silver valves
Rebuilt Engine with many silver valves

Used and Rebuilt Engines

Do you need a rebuilt engine? Or has your engine ceased to function?

Course of engine failure comes in many forms, but the main reason is heat damage, and these are the systems that engines need to survive.

Below are the five most common reasons to explain why engine failure occurs; all of which are preventable.


Corroded oil coolers can allow oil pumps to pump oil out of your engine in seconds leaving the parts without lubricant, and blocked oil coolers allow the oil to run at above-safe temperatures for the oil – This may wear pistons and bearings within the engine.


When impellers aren’t checked in water pumps or coolant levels aren’t sustained within the coolant side (losing coolant out of the engine) the engine parts will also run at temperatures that they were not designed to work at and will not cool them down resulting in:

  • Damaged rings
  • Worn pistons and
  • Blown gaskets


When old fuel or water contaminates fuel blocks or restricts injector systems here are just a handful of possible outcomes:

  • Alters the fuel-to-air ratio delivering too much or too little fuel
  • Melts pistons
  • Burns valves and wash bores


With gaskets not serviced on exhaust systems, this will be one of the most common failures of engines. Here is a list of possible consequences:

  • Seized pistons
  • Washed bores and
  • Stuck rings


Batteries are a crucial component as they supply the engine’s computer with power that manages the systems on your engine. If left unchecked or not regularly serviced, this may result in weak batteries. Weak batteries can spike electronic systems and damage starter motors.

Prognosis and resolution on rebuilt engines

Once an engine has suffered one of the above-mentioned failures, this involves more intensive repairs and removal of the engine and parts.

Cleaning and inspecting the parts is followed by measuring up tolerances so that the engine can be assembled again to perform as it was designed to work.

Depending on the extent of the failure of the engine versus the cost of repairing or replacing the engine will determine the best solution for your repairs.

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When investing in something as important as a motor repair or rebuild, you need to know that the people carrying it out are reliable. There is nothing worse than finding out that you’ve received a bad boat service when you’re a few kilometres from the shore! Aquamarine Repair Services have over 20 years of experience in the marine service industry, and we pride ourselves on the high-quality services we provide to each and every customer. You can be absolutely certain that we work tirelessly and cut no corners when it comes down to the jobs we’re hired to do, you’ll be nothing short of impressed with the results. There is a reason we are known as the experts in repairing and servicing used and rebuilt engines.

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